Wellness Activities in Tribeca


The health and wellness push in New York is in full force, but what to do to sculpt your form and where to go to help find that inner Zen are still challenges. Luckily for you, NYC is full of excellent workout studios, yoga instructors, and stylists, and Tribeca is home to the best of the best. The Tribeca condos for sale at The Woolworth Tower Residences keep residents mindfully centered through a plethora of on-site wellness amenities, including a 30th-floor fitness studio with outfitted areas for personal training and Peloton Bikes and a 50-foot lap pool, but they also put you in a neighborhood with the likes of Tracy Anderson, Sky Ting Yoga, AIRE Ancient Baths, and more.
Fitness often starts with exercise, for a healthy body is a fundamental block in the foundation of total wellness. In Tribeca, there’s no better resource to develop this fitness than Tracy Anderson. Fitness guru to the stars, Tracy once found herself abandoning her dream of becoming a dancer when her “freshman 15” ballooned to 40 pounds of excess weight. She tried every weight loss and fitness regime that she could find, only to be stopped after coming to the stark realization that when it comes to health and wellness, one size does not fit all. She now presents the success of her findings to you as the Tracy Anderson Method. Gwyneth Paltrow was so taken by Tracy’s fitness approach after it helped her lose 20 “unlosable-post-baby-pounds” that she took her on as a business partner, and the rest, as they say, is history. Get to her studio in Tribeca and find your inner dancer. It’ll pay dividends in your quest to sculpt your body to that desired form. Don’t believe us? Check out her website for a who’s who list of testimonials.
While a great workout can release a lot of stress, practicing yoga can help you to tame what remains. Get centered with Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan at Sky Ting Yoga, a studio recognized nationally for its disciplined but accessible approach. While founders Jones and Kernaghan left their fabled stuffed giraffe in their Chinatown studio, they’ve brought pink flamingos to the Tribeca space to continue providing the same playful atmosphere that brought them their original success. The loft-like studio space is comfortable but also dedicated to the business of making you feel good with Moon Juice, CAP Beauty, Benshen, and a Higher Dose infrared sauna, all available on the premises and ready to round out that intense session you just finished or are about to start. Add to that their kid-specific classes, pre- and post-natal sessions, a teacher training program, and restorative workshops, and you’ve got the ultimate yoga destination.
We’ll leave it to you to decide whether you like your massage before your yoga (increasing the blood flow to muscles to increase length and stretch) or after (decreasing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles after exercise), but either way we suggest you indulge in it at AIRE Ancient Baths. Within the structure of a restored 1883 textile factory, AIRE Ancient Baths is a fully modern facility that brings you the best of ancient bath techniques from Roman, Greek, and Turkish traditions. Depending upon your needs, bath and massage packages combine different water temperatures, salts, herbs, oils, and other tinctures, as well as a variety of muscle relaxation and massage techniques that are certain to make you breathe a sigh of relief, no matter what tension plagues you.

Physical health is essential to total wellness, but feeling good isn’t just a physical state of being; it’s also a mindset that is an intrinsic part of the lifestyle at The Woolworth Tower Residences. Start your journey to total fitness and a stronger, healthier you at these luxury Downtown condos.