Welcome to The Woolworth Tower Residences


Most New Yorkers are acquainted with the rich history surrounding The Woolworth Building. The story of Woodrow Wilson switching on the building’s lights for the first time in 1913 (from Washington, DC) is a beloved piece of American lore. The Tower was once the tallest in the world, and although that distinction is now part of the past, it continues to be regarded as an essential and graceful element of the Manhattan skyline and, arguably, one of the most distinctive landmarks in the world. And yet, while The Woolworth Building is a comfortingly familiar sight in Tribeca, many people are just learning about the latest twist in its long story: the creation of the luxury Tribeca condominiums known as “The Woolworth Tower Residences,” which echo the turn-of-the-century grandeur that the building is known for.

The president of Alchemy Properties, Kenneth S. Horn, told the New York Times that he felt a deep sense of duty to create residences worthy of The Woolworth Tower Residences’ history; his first thought upon acquiring the top floors was “What a responsibility!” Vowing from the start that they would preserve the character permeating the Tower, Alchemy Properties enlisted the help of designer and architect Thierry Despont, who has worked on the restoration of other iconic landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty. Despont’s painstaking efforts have paid off, down to the smallest constituents; even the vivid terra-cotta features of the window frames, which were once crumbling and in disrepair after years of neglect, have been returned to their original state.

Perhaps the most striking components, upon entering one of these homes, are the gargantuan windows. While all high-rises, by nature, boast sprawling views, the windows at The Woolworth Tower Residences are as special as the vistas they frame. Surrounded by intricate and beautiful detailing, they provide an up-close view of century-old craftsmanship, juxtaposed with the city’s sweeping scenery. Other touches, like the herringbone oak flooring and the vaulted ceilings, drive home a sense of timeless elegance.

While the restoration efforts have maintained a special focus on preservation, the Tribeca condos for sale in t The Woolworth Tower Residences are also designed for modern living; the building may feel historic, but it’s also state-of-the-art. For example, the kitchens are clad in classic Calacatta Caldia marble, but they’re also fitted with the latest Miele appliances, a touch that ensures they are as functional as they are charming. Many of the kitchens have an open layout that flows with ease into an airy dining area. The bathrooms are just as contemporary, with radiant-heated flooring and steam showers.

A private residential lobby is adorned with a restored ceiling that came straight from Frank W. Woolworth’s private office, a relic that only the residents of the The Woolworth Tower Residences will behold on a regular basis. The Gilbert Lounge, complete with a billiards table, makes for a classic setting to celebrate a special occasion or casually gather with friends. Only a high-speed elevator ride away, the renovated 50-foot lap pool, sauna, and hot tub are open to residents, and a fitness studio on the 30th floor offers both views and top-notch workout equipment. No detail, from the period-specific design to the extensive amenities, has gone unconsidered; a fact that feels appropriate, given the significance of the building that The Woolworth Tower Residences crown.