This Fall in Tribeca


The Woolworth Tower Residences’ luxury Tribeca condominiums place residents at the center of New York City’s most culturally significant neighborhoods. The fall season’s crisp weather and breezy nights will serve as a gentle nudge to get you out and enjoying the best that the neighborhood has to offer, including these three extraordinary experiences that locals are looking forward to this fall.

Tribeca TV Festival – September 20th – September 23rd
Over the past several years, streaming providers, cable television channels, and traditional networks have been creating an impressive quantity of quality programming, resulting in what has become a modern golden age of series TV. While NYC already hosts an array of film festivals, including the renowned springtime Tribeca Film Festival, episodic storytelling hasn’t received quite the same attention—until now. The Tribeca TV Festival, entering its second year, features screenings of new content, panel discussions with industry players, and, best of all, screenings and sneak peeks of upcoming shows. Last year’s festival brought the world premieres of the return of Will & Grace and At Home with Amy Sedaris. Fans also got a first look at new seasons of Better Things, Red Oaks, and Gotham. New to this year’s Tribeca TV Festival will be a lineup of Indie Pilots selected from a spring call for submissions for new work. The Festival hopes this will add even greater depth to television selections and further establish the Tribeca TV Festival as the destination festival for this art form.

Tribeca Art + Culture – September 26th
Galleries, boutique shops, bars, and assorted creative venues have transformed 21st-century Tribeca into the cultural epicenter of New York City. So while it’s likely no surprise to find an arts festival here, it is truly a delight to find one as inspired as Tribeca Art + Culture Night. Held quarterly, this arts festival, which is free and open to the public, “celebrates culture at large in Tribeca.” You’ll find performances, music, fashion, crafts, drawing, and all manner of design represented at over 25 different venues, nonprofits, galleries, and even parks. Take in a workshop, sit in on a talk, or catch a reading hosted by a painter, a magician, or even a mixologist. On any given festival night, you may find yourself among chefs, scientists, or even entrepreneurs with a variety of unique talents and diverse backgrounds: all on-hand to interact—not simply entertain—and lead you to explore that which interests you most. Each festival is a bit different, but all will bring you in close contact with thought leaders from across the art and culture spectrum, each more inspiring than the next and sure to provide a new perspective or insight to approaching creative thought.

Tribeca New Music – Year-round
While their major festival is in the spring, Tribeca New Music’s offerings run year-round. Going by various names such as “avant pop” or “new classical,” a rebirth of classical musical has taken it from the confines of the symphony and academia to “the street.” Responsive to popular culture, new media, and the dynamism of an increasingly diverse society, classical music has undergone a transformation from its Euro-centric roots. And new composers—living composers, no less—are taking a “new American” music to new heights via thought-provoking and daring works. If you’re looking for musical adventure, then an evening with the Tribeca Monsters (Tribeca New Music’s core stable of musicians) is where it needs to start.

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