The Best of Omakase in Downtown Manhattan


The foodie trend of sourcing ingredients at their seasonal peak is nothing new for Japanese chefs who practice the art of omakase — in fact, it’s an ethos that makes eating omakase at the table of a great chef an art form as well as a culinary adventure. Luckily for residents of the Woolworth Tower Residences, some of the world's most lauded omakase chefs are just moments away.

In his review of Shion 69 Leonard last year, Pete Wells of the New York Times describes eating at chef Shion Uino’s omakase table as a state of culinary bliss. He writes, “Dozens of precise, shallow incisions tenderize thick white bands of aori ika, the sweet and creamy big-fin reef squid … Look down the counter and you see one head after another rolling back in pleasure.”

Chefs Kazushige Suzuki and Masa Ito of Icca and Ito, respectively, have also garnered glowing reviews. At Icca, the ingredient list is as poetic as the menu itself, with fish flown in from Japan and beef sourced from the restaurant's own ranch. At Masa Ito and Kevin Kim’s Ito, you can see why Ito is a Michelin-starred chef right from the first course. Chef Ito was raised in his grandfather’s sushi restaurant in Japan, where the practice of “shun,” the Japanese word for sourcing food at its peak, was carefully observed. It’s a dedication that makes the best omakase unlike any other dining experience, and one that becomes a part of your gastronomically expanding universe at these Tribeca condominiums.

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