Relax & Unwind


An ancient practice and meditation, yoga has stood the test of time, bringing numerous benefits to the body and mind. What’s even more enticing is that yoga can be practiced anywhere, especially in your downtown luxury condo at The Woolworth Tower Residences, with its high ceilings, great natural lighting, and spectacular views. With multiple versions to choose from, you can select a yoga practice that matches your lifestyle and goals. So, which one is right for you?

For newbies, we suggest hatha yoga. This style focuses on the most basic forms and postures. For a hearty workout, consider power yoga, which uses your body’s natural resistance. And for those mommies-to-be, alleviate some of your stress or discomfort with prenatal yoga.

Best of all, many local Tribeca yoga studios allow you to practice right in your own bedroom by offering online classes including Yoga Shanti, Sky Ting, YogaSpark and many more. YouTube also offers thoughtfully produced channels led by well-trained instructors including, Yoga with Adriene which features practical, short meditations to help alleviate stress and anxiety, while Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga is faster, more structured, and intense. If you want to improve and perfect your physical alignment, try the simple, concise instruction of Yoga by Candace.

Whether you’re looking to increase focus, endurance, strength, or flexibility—or all the above—yoga is a wonderfully immediate way to do it. The Tribeca residences at The Woolworth Tower Residences provide ample space within which to practice your poses, and with the convenience of YouTube and social media, you can find instructors to suit your style and needs. No matter what vexes or ails you, yoga can help. Try it and discover the many wonders of this relaxing art.