Master the Art of the Home Spa Day


Life in New York City is a rush, and most New Yorkers wouldn’t have it any other way. But sometimes, the demands of living in the City That Never Sleeps can begin to take a toll on your wellbeing. If it’s been a while since you took a day for yourself, it’s time to change that. Luckily, residents of The Woolworth Tower Residences don’t even have to leave home to indulge in a little rest and relaxation. With some intention and planning (and the motivation to treat yourself right), you can design an entire spa day that takes full advantage of the building where you live.
To begin with, turn off your phone and put it away for the day. Even when we’re not at work, we spend enough time with our faces bathed in the blue glow of a screen. Eliminating the temptation to check email and the possibility of interruptions is the first step to clearing your head. Step two: grab a juice. Look for something with a mix of hydrating vegetables like cucumber and spinach, which are both brimming with nutrients and composed almost entirely of water. If you don’t have any juice on hand, try squeezing a lemon into a tall glass of water; the combination is hydrating and full of vitamin C.
Next, head to the Woolworth Pool. The sophisticated 50-foot-long lap pool is clad in Bisazza Mosaico and surrounded by plush upholstery, making for an upscale retreat far exceeding anything you’d find at a local spa. If you’re in the mood, swim some laps. Swimming is unique in that it’s both a rigorous option for exercise and a gentle activity; as your body works hard to propel you through the water, your joints and muscles are free from the pressures of gravity. It’s like taking a break and exercising at the same time. If you’re not up for a workout, just swim some leisurely laps through the pool, letting the soft sound of water wash over you. You’ll benefit physically and mentally, thanks to the serene setting. 

After your dip, turn up the heat. The choice is all yours: sauna or hot tub?  Both have many well-documented health benefits and both are available in the pool area. Hot tubs are known to soothe achy joints and muscles, while saunas help flush toxins from your system via sweat. Both improve circulation, help cleanse the skin, and promote better sleep at night. Beyond the physical benefits, a quiet, meditative soak or session in the sauna can help you release stress.
You’ve made it all this time without your phone, so don’t give in now. Instead, reach for the printed word, whether it’s that magazine article you’ve been meaning to get to or a mystery novel that has you in its grip. With that, and a cup of your favorite tea, head to the Gilbert Lounge. The tranquil room is well-appointed with a pool table and furniture for lounging. Wrapped up in that sprawling skyline view you already know from your luxury Downtown Manhattan condo, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of an at-home spa day sooner. 

Your life of luxury and relaxation awaits at The Woolworth Tower Residences.