Inspiration Staging at The Woolworth Tower Residences


First impressions tend to linger. The initial energy of an encounter, be it with a person or a space, has a lasting quality. This is a fact the designers of The Woolworth Tower Residences model units know well. It’s true that the luxury Tribeca residences are striking on their own, thanks in part to the careful restoration efforts, vaulting views, and thoughtful design elements. But when paired with the chic efforts of the world-famous Interior Marketing Group, the luxury Downtown Manhattan condos become something else altogether: a home. 
Cheryl Eisen is the founder, president, and imaginative force behind the in-demand Interior Marketing Group. The agent-turned-designer is no stranger to the importance of first impressions. “A home is a very personal thing,” she told Business Insider in a recent write-up detailing her hectic schedule. Eisen’s understanding of the emotional nature of finding a home guides her aesthetic, and she aims to create spaces where people can envision themselves living. At The Woolworth Tower Residences, the model units’ design is bright and classic, emphasizing the views and historic elegance already inherent in the homes, rather than depending on flashy artwork or quirky statement furniture. The result isn’t quite a blank canvas; it’s a work of art that evokes a lifestyle.
While staging is only temporary, it can serve as inspiration for creating your own home. Luckily, Tribeca is brimming with high-end design shops that offer both the pieces and the expertise you need to make yourself feel at home. Take, for example, ROOM. This upscale design shop combines the work of sought-after designers (Lindsey Adelman, Bocci, Vittorio Bonacina, Helen Gifford, Apparatus, CTO Lighting) and upholstery and decorative objects designed in-house by locals. The pieces here are sleek and minimalist without being severe. For example, the Lola sofa is low and curvy; it’s as simple as it is lavish. 

Another beloved neighborhood destination is White on White, a shop with a warm, wooden, midcentury modern vibe. The Karlo A rectangle dining table has a familiar walnut base but surprises with its swirled, mesmerizing natural splendor of green and purple marble. (You’ll never use a tablecloth again.) White on White also showcases an array of gleaming credenzas, the holy grail of storage. The Cincinnati 4A two-door four-drawer cabinet is worth buying simply for the white lacquered frame, brass legs and pulls, and American walnut face. But beyond being beautiful, the piece is also highly functional: there’s enough space in this cabinet to solve any of your storage woes. 
If you’re looking for a pop of color, check out Property. Here, you’ll find pieces with a decidedly fun vibe. The Giulia sofa, for example, comes in various colors, but the deep emerald, paired with brass legs, feels like a winning combination. A handy, cheerful umbrella stand provides another pop of color on the drip tray, while also maintaining an ultramodern silhouette. 

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a mainstay for those seeking a traditional, contemporary look that feels appropriate for the stately interiors of The Woolworth Tower Residences. The Luka leather chair is the sort of piece that never goes out of style, and the Bond cocktail table somehow manages to be both timeless and hip.

With IMG’s staging as your inspiration and these shops providing the goods, the sky filling your windows is the limit. Come take a look and schedule an appointment today to visit The Woolworth Tower Residences.