Fun Evenings at Home


When the mercury drops, make the most of a cozy night at home with a new board game. The Great Room in Tribeca condo is the ideal setting for an evening of wholesome fun. For the full game-night experience, craft an indulgent sweet and salty snack board, stacked with fruits, cheeses, nuts, kettle corn, veggies, and homemade confections whipped up in your luxury custom chef's kitchen. Pair the snacks with a bottle of your favorite vintage from your wine storage room, pour a glass, and get into competition mode.

Now, what to play? New York Magazine recommends Codenames, where players try to identify their team of secret agents, known only by their code names. The spymasters for each team can offer only one-word clues to help. The classic strategy game Battleship lets opponents seek out and destroy each other’s ships for group or one-on-one battles. Betrayal at House on the Hill brings horror to the game board, as players construct, and attempt to escape, a haunted house — sometimes by tricking other players along the way. The all-age-friendly Telestrations combines pictograms with the telephone parlor game you remember from sleepover parties. And finally, What Do You Meme? lets you match captions to a stack of photo cards — and decide which pairing is most meme-able.

Whichever game makes its way to your Great Room, a healthy dose of competition and hilarity will help pass the chilly evenings at home at The Woolworth Tower Residences. Contact our team today to learn about our residences currently available.