Freshen Up Your Home at Woolworth Tower


June is the best time of the year to freshen up your home and liven up its ambiance. Residents of The Woolworth Tower Residences have a bright, open canvas for adding the colors and scents of the season. A first easy step is to invite fresh air into your home through the expansive windows or terrace doors—as well as the happy chirping and rustling of trees for a soothing, all-natural soundtrack around the Woolworth Building. Next, add a bamboo palm or any number of purifying plants to clear toxins from the air and create visual interest in the bedroom or a spa-like feel in the bathroom.

Nothing adds a pop of cheer and elegance like a perfectly arranged assortment of flowers. Place an oversized bouquet of hyacinth as a centerpiece on the Great Room coffee table for the perfect complement to the expansive views of the city and clear blue skies beyond. Or add some peonies on the oversized Calacatta Caldia marble kitchen island to brighten your breakfast ritual. Finally, introduce a few special items to your home, like a textured or deep-hued throw pillow, kitchen towel or other textiles to liven up the place. For the ultimate everyday indulgence, pick up a new set of bath linens to wrap yourself in after a luxuriating soak in the freestanding tub—a fitting way to feel refreshed and embrace the best of the season in the Woolworth Tower Residences.

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