Guide to the Best Weekend Trips From NYC
· 2019-09-23
New York City bestows many advantages on the people who live here, including proximity to some of the best vacation destinations in the nation. From their perch atop an iconic and exhilarating skyscraper, residents of the luxury condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences are a car or train ride away from some of the finest getaways around, all year long. Here’s a brief weekend vacation guide, courtesy of The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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Explore Eataly Downtown
· 2019-09-10
The first Eataly location opened its doors in Turin, Italy, in 2007. The massive Italian food market and food court was an immediate sensation and made its jump across the pond to New York City three years later—and added a Downtown location a few years after that.
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Master the Art of the Home Spa Day
· 2019-08-20
Life in New York City is a rush, and most New Yorkers wouldn’t have it any other way. But sometimes, the demands of living in the City That Never Sleeps can begin to take a toll on your wellbeing. If it’s been a while since you took a day for yourself, it’s time to change that.
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Celebrating Your Space at the Gilbert Lounge
· 2019-08-20
The Woolworth Tower luxury Tribeca residences are a feast for the eyes. Not only do they offer unparalleled elegance in designs by Thierry W Despont, but they’re housed in an opulent 1913 tower that is as striking today as it was then.
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Inspiration Staging at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2019-07-30
First impressions tend to linger. The initial energy of an encounter, be it with a person or a space, has a lasting quality. This is a fact the designers of The Woolworth Tower Residences model units know well.
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Wellness Activities in Tribeca
· 2019-07-09
The health and wellness push in New York is in full force, but what to do to sculpt your form and where to go to help find that inner Zen are still challenges.
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A Guide to the Tribeca Cocktail Scene
· 2019-06-12
Sipping a cocktail with friends is one of the traditional ways that Manhattanites unwind. From skinny martinis and oaky pours of single malt to bespoke mixologist-brewed concoctions, cocktails provide New Yorkers with the perfect coda to a long day.
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Shopping in Style: Inside Brookfield Place
· 2019-05-16
Just moments away from your luxury Downtown Manhattan condo at The Woolworth Tower Residences is an Elysium of retail, dining, and entertainment: Brookfield Place.
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A Stroll Along Pier 17
· 2019-05-10
Piers are not a luxury afforded exclusively to those living by the sea. In fact, just blocks away from The Woolworth Tower Residences in Tribeca, Pier 17 is proving itself to be one of the most happening waterside destinations in the entire country.
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Steps from City Hall Park
· 2019-04-25
It can’t be denied: in a city filled with magnificent buildings, New Yorkers have also always loved their outdoor space—especially when spring weather hits.
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Tribeca Film Festival: A Downtown Home for Film
· 2019-04-17
Filmmaking is a fundamentally collaborative art, and each year the Tribeca Film Festival not only showcases that art, but is itself a collaboration among filmmakers, film lovers, and the city of New York.
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Exercising in Style
· 2019-04-02
The Woolworth Tower Residences are full of historical detail and modern features, and the building’s fitness amenities represent the best of both worlds. From a once-secret pool to sky-high Peloton bikes, residents of these luxury Tribeca condominiums will never want for opulent exercise opportunities. Keep reading for a rundown of the best on-site and nearby fitness options for these landmark homes.
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New Season, New Shopping
· 2019-03-27
Start the season right with an exploration of styles and trends to make you stand out from the crowd this spring. The luxury Downtown Manhattan condos available at The Woolworth Tower Residences are surrounded by some of the area’s best shopping.
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Where Tribeca Meets Wine
· 2019-01-03
With its elegant terra-cotta cladding and neo-Gothic ornamentation, the Woolworth Building still reflects Julian Huxley’s characterization of it as “a fairy story, gigantically and triumphantly come to life.” For residents of the new Woolworth Tower Residences, that fairy story continues on the inside. A glass and bronze-detailed elevator transports occupants of these luxury Tribeca residences and their guests to the top floors of the building and up to some of the city's most enviable living spaces. With newly designed interiors by Thierry W Despont boasting elevated ceilings, solid oak herringbone flooring, and oversized windows, it’s hard to say which is more dramatic, the view from inside or outside this masterpiece that was once the tallest building in the world.
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Holiday Entertaining in Your Dream Kitchen
· 2018-12-06
There is nothing in the world like the holidays in New York, when snow falls on the architectural marvels of the skyline, and the colder temperatures only serve to escalate the warmth of a sumptuous interior. When you live at The Woolworth Tower Residences, you will have a kitchen whose own luxurious appointments will provide everything you need to feed and entertain guests in classic New York style, updated for the 21st century.
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Old-World Elegance Meets New-World Splendor at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2018-11-27
When the Woolworth Building was completed in 1913, it was the tallest building in the world. Nicknamed the “Cathedral of Commerce” and designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert, it embodied an elegant Gothic Revival style and was a symbol of New York City’s economic boom. The completion of the skyscraper was such a seminal achievement in architecture and construction that then-President Woodrow Wilson ceremoniously and remotely flicked on its lights by pressing a button in Washington, DC.
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The Making of an Unforgettable Party at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2018-11-08
The holidays are on the horizon, promising days and evenings filled with merry-making, whether it’s perusing local shops in search of the perfect gift or gathering around a table for a feast with friends and family. And there’s one type of event that usually rises to the top of our favorites: the holiday party. Maybe you’ve been putting off hosting your own holiday party due to limited space, or perhaps you’re a seasoned host always looking to top your last party; either way, this is your year if you live at The Woolworth Tower Residences. These luxury Downtown Manhattan condos will provide a party setting your guests won’t soon forget.
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Welcome to The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2018-10-23
Most New Yorkers are acquainted with the rich history surrounding The Woolworth Building. The story of Woodrow Wilson switching on the building’s lights for the first time in 1913 (from Washington, DC) is a beloved piece of American lore. The Tower was once the tallest in the world, and although that distinction is now part of the past, it continues to be regarded as an essential and graceful element of the Manhattan skyline and, arguably, one of the most distinctive landmarks in the world. And yet, while The Woolworth Building is a comfortingly familiar sight in Tribeca, many people are just learning about the latest twist in its long story: the creation of the luxury Tribeca condominiums known as “The Woolworth Tower Residences,” which echo the turn-of-the-century grandeur that the building is known for.
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You Simply Have to Be There
· 2018-09-21
In the world of architecture, there are precious few spaces and structures that can’t be properly depicted via words and images. These spaces are so transcendent that they must be experienced firsthand; there is no substitute for being there. Among the towering architectural achievements that dot the New York City skyline, there is no finer example of this phenomenon than the Woolworth Tower Residences.
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This Fall in Tribeca
· 2018-09-11
The Woolworth Tower Residences’ luxury Tribeca condominiums place residents at the center of New York City’s most culturally significant neighborhoods. The fall season’s crisp weather and breezy nights will serve as a gentle nudge to get you out and enjoying the best that the neighborhood has to offer, including these three extraordinary experiences that locals are looking forward to this fall.
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"The Mozart of Skyscrapers": A Critical Consensus
· 2018-08-29
In today's market, most luxury Tribeca residences offer the sought-after amenities, bold design, and inspiring views that modern buyers have come to expect. But few, if any, can claim to compete with the historical significance and architectural splendor of The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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A Historic Canvas: How Today's Top Designers Were Inspired by The Woolworth Tower
· 2018-08-24
Standing tall and handsome, like a movie star from the golden days of Hollywood, The Woolworth Tower Residences is an indomitable, elegant gentleman of American architecture.
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