The Best of Brunch in Tribeca
· 2021-11-24
Following the Thanksgiving indulgence, Sunday brunch is a sacred ritual for New Yorkers. Luckily, residents of the Woolworth Tower Residences condos are close to famed brunch destinations. Even before becoming synonymous with haute jams and fruit spreads, Sarabeth’s has been serving Tribeca residents its famous popovers, fluffy French toast, pancakes, omelets, quiches, and egg scrambles every weekend.
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Apartment Spotlight: Pavilion A
· 2021-11-23
Housed in a National Historic Landmark transformed into a timeless collection of homes by Thierry Despont, the condos at the Woolworth Tower Residences offer denizens of the New Downtown a chance to live in a luxuriously restored icon of the city. As seen recently in HBO’s Succession, Pavilion A a part of the Woolworth Tower Residences Penthouse Collection, is one of the last of its available residences. With its 6,711 square feet of sprawling living space and its expansive rooftop terrace, it is the crown jewel of the neighborhood, where the possibilities of space and imagination have been taken as far as possible and made into a haven of high-end living tucked among the Gothic architectural details of the building.
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An Active Lifestyle at the Woolworth Tower
· 2021-10-25
Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of staying active: reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, lowered stress and anxiety, improved memory and focus, and a boost to one’s overall well-being. Residents of the Woolworth Tower Residences have a host of luxury wellness amenities at their disposal for starting a new fitness regimen or staying fit and healthy year-round.
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An Intimate Gathering to Remember at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2021-10-14
When you live at The Woolworth Tower Residences, the simple act of having guests over for cocktails or dinner can result in an event that is truly memorable. With grand proportions, tasteful interiors, and sweeping views of Manhattan, these Tribeca condos evoke images of the grand dinner parties and stylish soirées of the Gilded Age. Interior architect Thierry Despont has taken the legendary tower by Cass Gilbert and created a collection of homes that captures that classic spirit without sacrificing modern luxury. Here are a few of the design elements that make these Manhattan condos for sale the perfect setting for your next intimate gathering.
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· 2021-10-01
The Woolworth Building cuts an alluring and timeless silhouette along the Downtown Manhattan skyline—and in its century-old history, it has become a New York icon of architectural design and one of the world’s most recognizable skyscrapers. The Woolworth Building’s penthouse—known as the Pinnacle Penthouse—is a singular, once-in-a-generation offering in the New York real estate market.
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· 2021-09-20
Oenophiles and even the casual connoisseur of wine know that building a private collection is an important and exciting way to deepen one’s appreciation of the vintages of the world. Residents of the famed Woolworth Tower Residences have the ultimate luxury amenity for wine lovers—dedicated access to temperature-controlled wine storage, ideal for growing personal collections or securing favorite standbys to serve when entertaining guests for dinner or a casual drink in the great room.
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The Woolworth Tower Residences: The Crown Jewel — The Pinnacle Penthouse
· 2021-09-20
Glamour and grandeur are quintessential elements of most Tribeca luxury condos. But one singular home, exceptional in design and history, towers above the rest — quite literally. Known as a "castle in the sky," the Pinnacle Penthouse at The Woolworth Tower Residences is more than just a living space. Crowning the historic Woolworth Building at 727 feet above the streets below, it's a cathedral to living well. Let's take a look.
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The Woolworth Tower: Beacon of the New Downtown
· 2021-08-19
Today, there's a New Downtown Manhattan filled with cuisine, couture, and luxury living. Situated amid it all are the new Tribeca condos for sale at The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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Sales Continue at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2021-08-09
Unit 43A, a Woolworth Tower Residences condo, recently went into contract, and now more than 80% of these homes have been sold. Check out the active sales available, including the five-story Pinnacle Penthouse.
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Making the Most of Summer in New York City at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2021-08-03
Take a walk to the Hudson River Park or grab a bike and ride up along the river. Have lunch at the waterfront restaurant Liberty Bistro. Visit Pumphouse Park to see what's blooming and enjoy scenic views of NJ and the breeze off the Hudson River on one of their benches. Grab some classic ice cream or a gelato from L’Arte del Gelato. Then come back to your residence at the Woolworth Tower to watch the sunset over one of the most amazing views in the city.
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An Active Lifestyle
· 2021-06-28
At last, it's summer in New York City. You've worked hard all winter and spring to get in shape for this season of sunshine. In the luxury condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences, you can maintain your fitness in the stylish and well-appointed gym, located on the 30th floor.
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Freshen Up Your Home at Woolworth Tower
· 2021-06-03
June is the best time of the year to freshen up your home and liven up its ambiance. Residents of The Woolworth Tower Residences have a bright, open canvas for adding the colors and scents of the season.
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Woolworth Tower History
· 2021-05-25
For more than a century, the Woolworth Building has towered majestically over Manhattan. From 1913 to 1930, it was the world's tallest building — and to this day it remains a beautiful giant on the NYC skyline. In 2021, it's possible to buy a condo or penthouse here, and become a part of living history.
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Fine Dining Culture in Tribeca
· 2021-05-10
From singular shopping, to the area's central location, to the luxury condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences,Tribeca affords an upscale lifestyle in all aspects. But a singular Tribeca attraction is undoubtedly its culinary scene, where restaurateurs from around the world have created a haven for epicures with a penchant for haute dishes. Continue reading for a few of our Tribeca epicurean favorites.
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Woolworth Tower Residences Are Selling Fast
· 2021-04-21
Condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences are proving to be extremely desirable — and the building’s sprawling Pavilion B property has already been sold. There are, however, a handful of remaining opportunities to own a piece of this uniquely historic TriBeCa landmark.
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Your First Stops in TriBeCa This Spring
· 2021-03-31
Snow has melted, the sun is shining, birds are beginning to sing — spring has come to TriBeCa’s cobblestone streets, coaxing residents of The Woolworth Tower Residences to come down from their spacious homes in the sky and enjoy their neighborhood for the first time in months. Just across the street, the trees and flowers around the central fountain in City Hall Park are once again blooming, inviting residents to take a seat and enjoy the fresh air.
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The Woolworth Building - Women's History Month
· 2021-03-23
When it first opened in 1913, the Woolworth Building was part of a “man's world.” It was designed by a man and constructed by many more. Since then, fortunately, NYC and the real estate development industry have grown to embrace, learn, and benefit from countless talented women. As part of Women's History Month, we speak to members of The Woolworth Tower Residences team about their roles in the reimagining of this remarkable Tribeca landmark.
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Fun Evenings at Home
· 2021-03-03
When the mercury drops, make the most of a cozy night at home with a new board game. The Great Room in Tribeca condo is the ideal setting for an evening of wholesome fun.
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Tribeca's Valentine's Day Favorites to Order
· 2021-02-11
With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the perfect setting for a romantic dinner—with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline as backdrop for the candle-lit table à deux—awaits at The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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Staycation At The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2021-01-29
Vacations offer a chance to retreat and recuperate from everyday life. But if travel isn’t in the cards right now, a staycation at The Woolworth Tower Residences means appreciating home with fresh—and refreshed—eyes.
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Learning Something New From Home at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2021-01-22
A new year provides the perfect excuse to harness a fresh skill. And you needn't even step foot outside your Tribeca condo to achieve your goals. Need a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing? Keep reading for some recommended undertakings that can be learned right inside your home at The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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Tribeca's Architectural Marvels
· 2021-01-07
New York City is home to some of the world’s most renowned architecture, but none compares to the iconic masterpiece that is the Woolworth Building—crowned by the stunning Tribeca condos for sale at The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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Holiday-Inspired Breakfast at Home
· 2020-12-21
On the chilliest of winter mornings, a holiday-inspired breakfast is the perfect enticement to brave the day. Kitchens in The Woolworth Tower Residences​ feature top-of-the-line Miele appliances, bespoke Dada cabinetry, and Calacatta Caldia marble finishes to help whip up some of the season’s most irresistible breakfast confections in style.
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Local Tribeca Fall Favorites
· 2020-12-07
With the first snow of the season just around the corner, residents of The Woolworth Tower Residences can visit some of Tribeca’s beloved destinations for food, drink, and culture before they hibernate.
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A Family Thanksgiving at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2020-11-20
Thanksgiving festivities are a celebration of family, friends, and, of course, endless helpings of turkey, stuffing, sides, and pie. While this year may call for more intimate gatherings, hosting at The Woolworth Tower Residences will bring the same joys and effortless elegance to the biggest meal of the year.
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Craft Fall-Inspired Cocktails in Your Kitchen at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2020-11-12
These autumn-inspired cocktails are guaranteed to spice up fall in NYC. And if you’re living in one of the condos or penthouses of The Woolworth Tower Residences, your exquisite kitchen with Dada cabinetry and marble countertops—and gorgeous views—will serve quite nicely as the ideal spot to mix and sample.
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At The Woolworth Tower Residences, Self-Improvement Starts at Home
· 2020-10-14
“Self-care” and “self-improvement” are catchwords that have entered the popular imagination—and for good reason. During challenging times, nothing is more important than maintaining well-being and tackling new challenges head-on. While self-improvement can feel daunting, staying motivated year-round is all the more convenient with the amenities on offer at the Tribeca condos for sale at the Woolworth Building.
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Tribeca's Finest: Autumnal Eats
· 2020-09-30
Seasonal eats are part and parcel of the fall season in Tribeca. Soup, meatballs, and pies are among the soul-warming dishes available for delivery or takeout for residents of ​The Woolworth Tower Residences​. You won't want to miss out on the restaurants serving up Tribeca’s finest Autumnal eats!
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Enjoying the Great Indoors at The Woolworth Tower
· 2020-08-19
As summer sizzles in Tribeca, a fortunate bunch have the luxury of escaping from the soaring temperatures to their luxury condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences. Here's how our residents are keeping cool and enjoying the Great INdoors.
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Delectable Contactless Delivery Options in Tribeca
· 2020-08-11
With social distancing procedures still in effect, some people prefer having food brought directly to their homes. Fortunately, there are scores of fine Tribeca eateries offering contactless delivery right to your Woolworth Tower Residences condominiums. Only one question remains: What do you fancy for dinner?
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Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Tribeca
· 2020-07-31
Summer is in full swing in Tribeca. If you and the family are looking to get out of your Woolworth Tower Residences condo, soak up some rays—and see the sights while you're at it—here are some ideas to safely shake off the cabin fever.
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Online Shopping from The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2020-07-16
Summer has arrived in Tribeca: it’s time to stock up on the latest fashion and interior décor, courtesy of the finest online stores. For everything from luxury watches to lounge chairs, here are three of the fanciest boutiques on the web to help you fill your life at The Woolworth Tower Residences with beauty and panache.
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Tribeca’s Great Outdoors
· 2020-06-26
As the weather warms, residents of The Woolworth Tower Residences will find themselves with a wealth of outdoor activities and greenery just steps from their door. Chief among them is Battery Park, one of the city’s most beloved public spaces. The pristine summertime destination stretches several city blocks and offers expansive views of the Hudson River, as well as benches and walkways for a stroll or a meditative moment to take in the surroundings
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The Five-Cent Legacy
· 2020-06-16
The Woolworth Building is esteemed for its grand architecture, but few know its origins. The F.W. Woolworth Company’s founder and the visionary behind “Five-and-Dimes,” Frank Winfield Woolworth, came from humble beginnings, and the Tribeca building that now houses thirty-two luxury condos was designed both as a headquarters for his company and a “signboard” for its greatness.
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Tribeca Film Festival Goes Virtual and Global
· 2020-05-27
The Tribeca Film Festival is one of the great annual movie events. And, although 2020's festival has been postponed, residents of the luxury condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences can still bring the spirit of the festival into their condo, enjoying short films via its website. For 10 days this spring, there's also the opportunity to experience a global celebration of film.
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Virtual Health and Wellness
· 2020-05-19
The gyms in Manhattan may be closed for the time being, but there are more virtual fitness classes online than ever before. Make the most of your spacious condo at The Woolworth Tower Residences by transforming it into a luxurious fitness studio — taking your pick from these calorie-burning, mood-lifting classes.
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Luxury a Hundred Years in the Making
· 2020-05-06
A hundred years ago, the Woolworth Building was an international sensation, and it held the record as the world’s tallest building for nearly 20 years. Now, after a recent round of renovations on the upper floors, lovers of beautiful architecture and great heights have the opportunity to call one of the top stories of this iconic building home.
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Relax & Unwind
· 2020-04-13
An ancient practice and meditation, yoga has stood the test of time, bringing numerous benefits to the body and mind. What’s even more enticing is that yoga can be practiced anywhere, especially in your downtown luxury condo at The Woolworth Tower Residences, with its high ceilings, great natural lighting, and spectacular views. With multiple versions to choose from, you can select a yoga practice that matches your lifestyle and goals. So, which one is right for you?
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Health Kick
· 2020-02-14
As a resident of The Woolworth Tower Residences, you have the luxury of being apprised of all the latest health trends and exhilarating classes all happening in your Tribeca neighborhood.
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Valentine's Day in Tribeca
· 2020-02-11
Valentine’s Day is right at our doorstep. It’s a holiday about celebrating love with the people you love. And what better way is there to honor such a monumental feeling than with a stellar—and romantic—dining experience? Fortunately, residents of the luxury condominiums at The Woolworth Tower Residences will find themselves only steps from some of the city’s most charming and idyllic eateries that can be found in Tribeca. Here are a few of our favorites.
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· 2020-02-03
With the holidays disappearing into the rearview mirror and flurries of snow still chasing one another down the streets in Lower Manhattan, New York City winter is truly upon us. Fortunate residents of the Tribeca condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences are nestled in the heart of Lower Manhattan, and when they want to leave their cozy nests, there’s a host of fun winter activities available nearby. Here’s how to make the most of the next couple of months in Lower Manhattan.
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Winter Sweets
· 2020-01-27
With chilly weather and short days, winter is the perfect time to indulge in some self-love. How you do it is up to you: soak in the custom marble-clad bathrooms as you take in views of Downtown NYC or enjoy a fine wine with your closest friends and bask in the comfort of your new luxury home. The options for residents at The Woolworth Tower Residences are endless. To make these moments even sweeter, why not give way to some well-deserved treats? We’ve selected a few of our favorite destinations in the city for confections, cakes, and cocktails.
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· 2019-12-17
We all have someone on our list who is especially difficult to buy for—maybe they have it all, maybe they don’t seem to want anything, or maybe their tastes are impossibly hard to match. Luckily, Tribeca is home to some of the best shopping in the city, if not the country. Armed with our gift guide, you can leave The Woolworth Tower Residences confident you’ll find just the right gift for the pickiest, quirkiest, most offbeat minimalist on your list, all while enjoying the city’s unrivaled festivity.
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Deck the Halls
· 2019-12-12
Make your guests gaze in awe when they walk into your new home at The Woolworth Tower Residences and see your stunning seasonal style. Tribeca brings you close to the city’s best holiday décor and gift selections. Unique wares and seasonal design motifs from John Derian Company, Stella, and Michele Varian are sure to “maximize your merry” this year. Shop for your home and for those special people and deliver all the festivity of the season with one-of-a-kind and uber-stylish items that you can find and buy right in your neighborhood.
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· 2019-12-04
As a vertical city, New York is primed for premium apartments stories above its storied streets. The condominiums for sale at The Woolworth Tower Residences are all expertly designed, enabling their residents to live among the clouds and be a part of architectural history, but Pavilion A and Pavilion B, which crown The Woolworth Tower Residences, are luxury Downtown Manhattan homes unlike any other.
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Your Tribeca Restaurant Roundup
· 2019-10-18
Living in The Woolworth Tower Residences means you’re right in the middle of Tribeca’s top-notch restaurant scene. Life amid this wealth of options could be challenging if you’re feeling even the slightest bit indecisive, so we’ll help you narrow your choices. These are our favorite neighborhood spots.
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Guide to the Best Weekend Trips From NYC
· 2019-09-23
New York City bestows many advantages on the people who live here, including proximity to some of the best vacation destinations in the nation. From their perch atop an iconic and exhilarating skyscraper, residents of the luxury condos at The Woolworth Tower Residences are a car or train ride away from some of the finest getaways around, all year long. Here’s a brief weekend vacation guide, courtesy of The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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Explore Eataly Downtown
· 2019-09-10
The first Eataly location opened its doors in Turin, Italy, in 2007. The massive Italian food market and food court was an immediate sensation and made its jump across the pond to New York City three years later—and added a Downtown location a few years after that.
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Master the Art of the Home Spa Day
· 2019-08-20
Life in New York City is a rush, and most New Yorkers wouldn’t have it any other way. But sometimes, the demands of living in the City That Never Sleeps can begin to take a toll on your wellbeing. If it’s been a while since you took a day for yourself, it’s time to change that.
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Celebrating Your Space at the Gilbert Lounge
· 2019-08-20
The Woolworth Tower luxury Tribeca residences are a feast for the eyes. Not only do they offer unparalleled elegance in designs by Thierry W Despont, but they’re housed in an opulent 1913 tower that is as striking today as it was then.
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Inspiration Staging at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2019-07-30
First impressions tend to linger. The initial energy of an encounter, be it with a person or a space, has a lasting quality. This is a fact the designers of The Woolworth Tower Residences model units know well.
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Wellness Activities in Tribeca
· 2019-07-09
The health and wellness push in New York is in full force, but what to do to sculpt your form and where to go to help find that inner Zen are still challenges.
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A Guide to the Tribeca Cocktail Scene
· 2019-06-12
Sipping a cocktail with friends is one of the traditional ways that Manhattanites unwind. From skinny martinis and oaky pours of single malt to bespoke mixologist-brewed concoctions, cocktails provide New Yorkers with the perfect coda to a long day.
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Shopping in Style: Inside Brookfield Place
· 2019-05-16
Just moments away from your luxury Downtown Manhattan condo at The Woolworth Tower Residences is an Elysium of retail, dining, and entertainment: Brookfield Place.
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A Stroll Along Pier 17
· 2019-05-10
Piers are not a luxury afforded exclusively to those living by the sea. In fact, just blocks away from The Woolworth Tower Residences in Tribeca, Pier 17 is proving itself to be one of the most happening waterside destinations in the entire country.
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Steps from City Hall Park
· 2019-04-25
It can’t be denied: in a city filled with magnificent buildings, New Yorkers have also always loved their outdoor space—especially when spring weather hits.
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Tribeca Film Festival: A Downtown Home for Film
· 2019-04-17
Filmmaking is a fundamentally collaborative art, and each year the Tribeca Film Festival not only showcases that art, but is itself a collaboration among filmmakers, film lovers, and the city of New York.
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Exercising in Style
· 2019-04-02
The Woolworth Tower Residences are full of historical detail and modern features, and the building’s fitness amenities represent the best of both worlds. From a once-secret pool to sky-high Peloton bikes, residents of these luxury Tribeca condominiums will never want for opulent exercise opportunities. Keep reading for a rundown of the best on-site and nearby fitness options for these landmark homes.
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New Season, New Shopping
· 2019-03-27
Start the season right with an exploration of styles and trends to make you stand out from the crowd this spring. The luxury Downtown Manhattan condos available at The Woolworth Tower Residences are surrounded by some of the area’s best shopping.
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Where Tribeca Meets Wine
· 2019-01-03
With its elegant terra-cotta cladding and neo-Gothic ornamentation, the Woolworth Building still reflects Julian Huxley’s characterization of it as “a fairy story, gigantically and triumphantly come to life.” For residents of the new Woolworth Tower Residences, that fairy story continues on the inside. A glass and bronze-detailed elevator transports occupants of these luxury Tribeca residences and their guests to the top floors of the building and up to some of the city's most enviable living spaces. With newly designed interiors by Thierry W Despont boasting elevated ceilings, solid oak herringbone flooring, and oversized windows, it’s hard to say which is more dramatic, the view from inside or outside this masterpiece that was once the tallest building in the world.
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Holiday Entertaining in Your Dream Kitchen
· 2018-12-06
There is nothing in the world like the holidays in New York, when snow falls on the architectural marvels of the skyline, and the colder temperatures only serve to escalate the warmth of a sumptuous interior. When you live at The Woolworth Tower Residences, you will have a kitchen whose own luxurious appointments will provide everything you need to feed and entertain guests in classic New York style, updated for the 21st century.
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Old-World Elegance Meets New-World Splendor at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2018-11-27
When the Woolworth Building was completed in 1913, it was the tallest building in the world. Nicknamed the “Cathedral of Commerce” and designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert, it embodied an elegant Gothic Revival style and was a symbol of New York City’s economic boom. The completion of the skyscraper was such a seminal achievement in architecture and construction that then-President Woodrow Wilson ceremoniously and remotely flicked on its lights by pressing a button in Washington, DC.
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The Making of an Unforgettable Party at The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2018-11-08
The holidays are on the horizon, promising days and evenings filled with merry-making, whether it’s perusing local shops in search of the perfect gift or gathering around a table for a feast with friends and family. And there’s one type of event that usually rises to the top of our favorites: the holiday party. Maybe you’ve been putting off hosting your own holiday party due to limited space, or perhaps you’re a seasoned host always looking to top your last party; either way, this is your year if you live at The Woolworth Tower Residences. These luxury Downtown Manhattan condos will provide a party setting your guests won’t soon forget.
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Welcome to The Woolworth Tower Residences
· 2018-10-23
Most New Yorkers are acquainted with the rich history surrounding The Woolworth Building. The story of Woodrow Wilson switching on the building’s lights for the first time in 1913 (from Washington, DC) is a beloved piece of American lore. The Tower was once the tallest in the world, and although that distinction is now part of the past, it continues to be regarded as an essential and graceful element of the Manhattan skyline and, arguably, one of the most distinctive landmarks in the world. And yet, while The Woolworth Building is a comfortingly familiar sight in Tribeca, many people are just learning about the latest twist in its long story: the creation of the luxury Tribeca condominiums known as “The Woolworth Tower Residences,” which echo the turn-of-the-century grandeur that the building is known for.
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You Simply Have to Be There
· 2018-09-21
In the world of architecture, there are precious few spaces and structures that can’t be properly depicted via words and images. These spaces are so transcendent that they must be experienced firsthand; there is no substitute for being there. Among the towering architectural achievements that dot the New York City skyline, there is no finer example of this phenomenon than the Woolworth Tower Residences.
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This Fall in Tribeca
· 2018-09-11
The Woolworth Tower Residences’ luxury Tribeca condominiums place residents at the center of New York City’s most culturally significant neighborhoods. The fall season’s crisp weather and breezy nights will serve as a gentle nudge to get you out and enjoying the best that the neighborhood has to offer, including these three extraordinary experiences that locals are looking forward to this fall.
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"The Mozart of Skyscrapers": A Critical Consensus
· 2018-08-29
In today's market, most luxury Tribeca residences offer the sought-after amenities, bold design, and inspiring views that modern buyers have come to expect. But few, if any, can claim to compete with the historical significance and architectural splendor of The Woolworth Tower Residences.
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A Historic Canvas: How Today's Top Designers Were Inspired by The Woolworth Tower
· 2018-08-24
Standing tall and handsome, like a movie star from the golden days of Hollywood, The Woolworth Tower Residences is an indomitable, elegant gentleman of American architecture.
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